7 Ways To Separate a Good Hairdresser From a Great One

When it comes to getting your hair cut or styled, most people will relate to the enormous difference between a best hairdresser and a great one. Of course, while a great chat with a friendly hairdresser is always a nice way to help pass the stationary hour, what we’re all really looking for is a great hair style.

A great hairstyle…

• Gives us confidence
• Is versatile
• Suits your body, style and lifestyle
• Is easy to manage

Unfortunately, while good hairdressers are a dime a dozen, a great hairdresser can be hard to come by. So to help you find the Holy Grail, we’ve put together a list of traits that only a great hairdresser will be able to tick every box.

1. Communication

A good hairdresser may have a few favourite tricks up their sleeve and try to nudge you in the direction of letting them work their magic. But a truly great hairdresser will really listen to what you want from your style, and only then make comments or suggestions from their own repertoire.

2. Feedback

While a good hairdresser may get offended if you give them constructive criticism or feedback, a great hairdresser will not only actively listen but actually revel in the opportunity to improve. Even people who are really good at their job make mistakes, so a truly great hairdresser won’t be scared to admit it or blame someone else.

3. It’s about you

A good hairdresser may go into the cut wanting to emerge unscathed. By that, we mean that most people in the chair are nervous that a cut will look absolutely awful, so a good hairdresser will be relieved when they see a smile on your face. But a great stylist will aim to send you out of the salon feeling more confident and looking better than ever before.

4. Delivers

A good hairdresser may try to convince you with their credentials and experience, but only a great hairdresser will have dozens or even hundreds of repeat clients who absolutely rave about a service that truly delivers on the promises.

5. On time

It sounds trivial, but if you’re always waiting half an hour for your appointment even though you’re on time, that’s a sign you may not have a great hairdresser. People who really excel at what they do also excel with time management as well.

6. Attention

Another sign that your stylist is in the ‘good’ rather than the ‘great’ category is that, when you’re in the chair, you don’t exactly feel like the centre of their universe. Hairdressing is a truly personal service, and a hairdresser who is passionate about excelling will consider you the most important thing in their life for the entire duration of your appointment.

7. Presentation

So we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we can judge a great hairdresser by how they present themselves. The hairdressing salon should look excellent, clean and state of the art, and the stylist themselves should be impeccably turned out – with a great hairstyle to boot!

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