How to find a good hairdresser

We’ve all been there. Desperate for a haircut, colour or blowdry, with one day free of commitments to try and squeeze in a last-minute appointment. You call around salons you know of in your area and everyone is booked up for the next week. Finally, you hit on a hairdressing salon not far from you that says they can fit you in today. You haven’t heard of them before but decide to risk it – after all, it’s just a trim and basic colour, right?

A few hours later, you walk out, having lost inches of hair you spent so long maintaining in order to grow it long and strong, and the colour is not at all what you expected – or paid for.

For many, their hair is a reflection of their own personality and flair, and is ultra-important to their overall look, and the confidence they, in turn, get from looking great.

Finding a good hairdresser that you can rely on again and again in the future, to listen to your needs and wants, and to maintain the look you love, is vital for self-confidence and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Here are our top tips for scoping out a great hairdresser you can rely on.

Ask around your friends with great hair

Everyone has that one friend with beautiful, healthy hair that everyone in the friendship group envies. Whether it’s short and easy to maintain, or lengthy and layered, they obviously have professional help. Don’t be afraid to ask for the details of their hairdresser. It isn’t copying, especially when everyone’s hair is different and no two styles are going to end up the same. The principles of a great hairdresser are good training and lots of experience so, regardless of your hair’s texture or length, they should be able to work wonders.

Find a hairdresser that listens to you and works with your hair’s strengths

There’s nothing worse than visiting a new hairdresser who completely takes over, dictating what looks best on you when they don’t actually know you. A skilled hairdresser will not only listen to how you foresee your new look ending up, but will be honest if that look is going to take time to achieve, or potentially ruin the quality of your hair. Going platinum blonde, going for an super-short look when you have thick curls, or opting for a pixie-cut without much thought given to the growing-out process are all examples of looks a good hairdresser will talk you through the pros and cons of before you commit to taking the plunge.

You get what you pay for

You may walk away shell-shocked at the quote you get for a basic cut, colour and blowdry at some salons, and it may seem just as easy to go to a walk-in budget hairdressers for a fraction of that price. Consider the following before making that decision. Will their colouring products be of the same high quality as proper salons? Will the hairdressers there have the same in-depth training and skills that more pricey salons offer? Hair is, after all, an investment, and a good hairdresser may cost a little more upfront for a longer-lasting look that will keep your hair in tip-top shape.

When looking for a good hairdresser, always make sure to ask around your friendship group for recommendations, trial hairdressers to gauge the rapport you have with them, and consider budgeting a bit more for a great outcome you will be thrilled with. Your hair is important to your confidence and how you feel day in and day out, so taking the time to seek out a brilliant hairdresser is essential.

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