What you should know before getting hair extensions

Hair extensions allow anyone to add length and volume to their hairstyle. Thanks to this, natural growth is no longer a limiting factor in style. However, as hair extensions are slightly more complex than the average stylistic endeavour, there are some things you should consider before deciding whether or not hair extensions are right for you. These range from the type of hair extensions on offer to the specifics involved in caring for and maintaining hair extensions.

1. What can hair extensions do?

If you’re looking to add volume or length to your hair then hair extensions are a way to achieve this outside of natural growth. They are attached in a variety of ways dependant on personal preference and can be glued, braided, clipped and even woven on. Each mode of attachment comes with its own pros and cons and there’s not generally a one-size-fits-all approach due to the subjective nature of such a decision. When added, however, hair extensions can, and will have a major impact on your overall style with the ability to transform all styles of hair into luscious locks.

2. Are there any caveats?

Hair extensions, in general, will act in a similar mode to their natural counterparts and as such require the same sort of general care. Most extensions can be dyed, but some that have already been through a chemical process should not, and it is of utmost importance to check with either your hair stylist, or the manufacturer to confirm before making any alterations. Other than that, most aspects of maintenance are the same as that of their natural counterparts. However, in most cases one should avoid excess chlorine, sunlight and alcohol based hair products as they can cause damage over the long term. There should also be extra care employed in washing and detangling, especially at the site of the bonds themselves.

3. The options

Before you decide to get hair extensions, you should have an understanding of the options available. In general, there are four separate types of hair extensions you can choose from. Each carries differences in price, requisite maintenance, permanence and ease of use. The general qualities of each have been listed below to assist in a better understanding of your options.

1) Hot fusion or keratin bond

– Attached using heat
– More conducive to thicker hair
– Unreceptive to products that are heavily oil based
– Six to eight hours to apply
– One of the priciest options
– Lasts up to six months

2) Cold fusion.

– Utilises clamps to attach to pre-existing hair
– More conducive to thicker hair
– Unreceptive to products that are heavily oil based
– Four to six hours to apply
– Less expensive than hot fusion but still pricier than other options
– Lasts up to six months

3) Weft hair

– Taped, glued or sewed on in rows
– Conducive to all hair densities
– Unreceptive to products that are heavily oil based
– 30 minutes to one hour to apply
– Low to moderate cost
– Lasts up to two months

4) Clip in

– Applied using pressure sensitive clips
– Temporary and easily removable
– Low cost
– Avoid washing frequently
– Lasts a few months

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