What you should look for when choosing a new hair salon

Your hair is just about the only part of your entire body that can make or break your look, either encapsulating your personality or missing the mark – bringing out your aesthetic strengths or shining a harsh spotlight on your weaknesses.

So it’s crucially important to get your hair salon right. It’s why people typically find an establishment and a stylist that works for them and then stick with them through thick and thin. If you have moved house, your favourite salon has closed down or your favourite stylist has moved on, here are some useful tips for finding just the right place for you all over again.

Don’t rush

Because you deserve a ‘good hair day’ each and every day of your life, don’t cut corners when it comes to researching where to go and who to see. That doesn’t just mean getting out your phone and doing a quick Google search for ‘best local salon’, or finding the nearest establishment to your house or the lowest prices. The best and most useful reviews will be straight from the horse’s mouth, so don’t be shy to compliment people who are out and about whose hair looks excellent and ask where they get their hair done. Another top tip is to look up the salon’s Facebook page and spend some time reading the comments, as the best thing about social media is that it balances the marketing hype against the often harsh honesty of the clientèle.

Shop around

You don’t want to be driving more than 30 minutes for your haircut or style, but on the other hand you don’t want to miss out on a gem of a salon just because it’s not the most convenient, so write up a short-list of local salons and start exploring. Walk into a salon and assess the atmosphere and ‘vibe’ – not to mention the happy or not-so-happy faces of those making the transition from the styling chair to the cash register. If you’re not feeling it, you don’t appreciate the style, service, attitudes and attire of the stylists and the prices are through the roof, don’t be shy to smile and walk out the door before you do some serious damage to your precious locks.

Try before you buy

No, we’re not advocating getting a full colour and cut and then refusing to pay – the idea here is to start small and work your way up. If you think you’ve found a salon that ticks all the boxes, including an individual stylist who seems just the right match for your personality and taste, book in for a minor trim or perhaps even just a wash and a style and see how you go. If that ‘toe in the water’ delivers everything you expected – and especially if you hit it off with the stylist on a personal level too – then it might be time to dive right in and make a more serious appointment for next week.

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