How Often Should You Visit The Hairdresser?

The question of how often you should visit your stylist is a complicated one. Below are tips from professionals to help you know when you need to see your hairdresser.

The average


The average time between hair cuts should be two months, according to the professionals. Short hair may need more regular maintenance, due to the frequency of growth. A visit every four to six weeks should see you getting the results you desire. The first step to getting to better know the frequency at which you should be visiting a stylist is by getting to know your own hair. Quickly jotting down length between appointments and whether you thought it was too early/late should have you finding your own sweet spot in no time at all.


Colouring has an impact on your hair, so you should ensure you leave enough time between treatments to prevent damage. If you receive a colouring that isn’t to your liking, it’s important to leave at least five weeks before re-attempting, in order to avoid possible detrimental side-effects. For those with more sensitive hair it is recommended to wait around two months. A recolour that is vastly different to your natural colour should be monitored closely at the roots, to ensure you don’t end up with two shades of hair. Those who colour with something more similar should be able to get away with leaving it a while longer.


Again, it’s all down to personal preference, but styling can be completed at the same time as a trim or colour in order to ensure maximum convenience. However, this does not apply to protective styling. While this is usually done at home, it is important to note that one should not be continually utilising this technique. This is for two main reasons:

Loose hair is easier to moisturise

If you are using protective styling seven days a week, you may run into problems moisturising your hair, especially if your style involves tucking a lot of hair away.

Shed hair build up

Consistent application of protective styling may lead to the unfortunate side effect of the build up of shed hair and lint. These can attach themselves to individual strands of hair, proving, at times, almost impossible to remove. It is for these reasons that you should use protective styling sparingly.

Knowing when to visit the hairdresser, and in some cases, how long to leave between appointments, can be a hard thing to determine, especially as the types and styles of hair vary so differently. By knowing your hair, and the way it reacts and grows, you will find yourself more knowledgeable in these areas. If, however, you find yourself with additional questions, remember that your stylist can also provide professional guidance in regards to what you should be doing with your particular type of hair.

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