The Qualities of a Good Hair Stylist

The benefits of a great hairstyle are obvious. It may seem shallow, but first impressions count and presenting yourself to the world positively really matters. Not only that, your great hairstyle also reflects your personality, boosts your confidence and sets the tone for your entire look, complementing your face and body type and perfectly matching your career and lifestyle.

So with all that riding on it, it’s crucial not only to find a hair stylist that is great at what they do, but will do a great job specifically for you. Here is a quick guide for the qualities to look for in the perfect hair stylist for you.

1. Get a great referral

Your perfect hair stylist may work independently, so word-of-mouth referrals can be crucial. If you see a friend sporting a look that would be perfect for you, word-of-mouth referrals can be worth their weight in gold. Even if it’s a complete stranger, don’t be shy to ask, because they will almost certainly be flattered by the compliment that their hair looks great.

2. Find the perfect salon

More likely is that you will need to find the perfect salon. So there are things you will be looking for, and – again – don’t be afraid to do salon ‘window shopping’ armed with a lot of questions. Ask about the experience and qualifications of their staff. Check out the interior decor and the actual hairstyles of the stylists – is it modern and chic, and the kind of place you think you’d want to go to? Read reviews, chat with staff to find a personality match, and bring pictures to see if they are friendly and receptive to your needs and style.

3. Ask for a consultation

Again – don’t be shy. A great stylist will know and understand that your hair styling is important to you, so if a salon doesn’t offer them for free, that might be telling you something.

During the consultation, don’t just ask about experience and expertise, assess the stylist as a person as well. Do you feel comfortable? Respected? That your guidance about what you are looking for in your hairstyle is being totally understood? Do you trust them? Can you imagine hours in the chair, idly chatting with them?

4. Don’t rush

Once you’ve had one consultation, consider another, perhaps at another salon entirely. Is there any more research you can do, for instance via an online portfolio or on social media accounts? Ask if you can see examples of prior satisfied customers, looking not only at whether the work was of a high standard but that it matches what you are looking for.

5. Make a decision

You may be ready to leap in and make your decision, so here’s a quick checklist to ensure you’re not about to make a big mistake with your precious hair.

Does your chosen hair stylist have:

* A great referral?
* Awesome expertise and experience?
* Seem to love what they do?
* A personality connection with you?
* Great pride in their own personal appearance?
* A willingness to listen, communicate and invest time in you?
* A shared vision of what you’re looking for?

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