What’s the cost of a quality hairdresser?

When trying to determine a reasonable cost for a quality hairdresser, it’s just as important to consider the costs of a poor hairdresser. When comparing your options, you need to decide what’s more important: the monetary cost of visiting a quality salon or the problems a poor cut could cost you. Let’s take a look at the biggest risks you can take when deciding on a hairdresser.

The cost of a bad cut

We’ve all seen it happen; you, or hopefully an acquaintance, decide it’s time for a new ‘do but you don’t have a regular hairdresser that you trust. You opt to try a hairdresser and cross your fingers. Unfortunately the experience isn’t as expected. Your hair might end up cut unevenly, too layered, not layered enough, or maybe it’s not even the cut you asked for in the first place. A bad cut can leave not only mental and emotional scars, but also leave physical scars on your hair. If you’ve ever grown out a cut, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

The cost of a bad colour

Whether you weren’t honest about previous dying procedures, the hairdresser hasn’t done the colour before or it’s their first time trying balayage, a bad colour treatment can leave you fuming. A quality, skilled hairdresser will know how to assess your hair, discuss your hair history and take precautionary steps to ensure your end result is both stunning and fresh. Hairdressers have the option to use toners to correct variances in hair or provide a specific tone. A poor or unskilled hair dresser might leave you with brassy tones or colours that are impossible to maintain, both of which can be harder for a skilled hairdresser to correct.

The cost of chemical damage

An unskilled or poor hairdresser may make promises in regards to results achievable with products. Anyone who has tried to go from three years of black hair dye to white blonde in a single (or even two sittings) will be able to tell you about the costs of chemical damage. A quality hairdresser will never recommend treatments that leave you with damaged, dry, straw-like hair. Repairing hair that has been chemically damaged takes time, patience and skill. A quality hairdresser will understand your desires and make recommendations about the best treatment and realistic hair goals.

The cost of DIY adventures

DIY is cheaper, and hairdressers just cut in straight lines and paint dye on your hair right? Wrong! DIY hair adventures end in disaster more often than not. We see countless clients who have damaged their hair in DIY efforts that then find themselves shelling out money for corrective services. When it comes to a quality hair cut or colour, take our advice and leave it to the experts.

The cost of a quality hairdresser on the Gold Coast

At Ette Studio, our trained and experienced team offer a wide range of services and treatments to our clients. We will never compromise on the quality of our products, your hair’s safety or the end result. We keep our costs low and our quality high, so our clients love their hair and keep coming back.

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